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Your concert, event or performance...

Blackjack Productions addresses itself to musicians, bands and theatre companies, concert promotors, event planners, live music bars, wedding planners, concert venues, parties and festivals.
Our sound and lighting sets are pre-configured and easy to use.
Our prices are the best on the market and your event will excell in professional quality. All our sound and light equipment is new, the latest models of the most reputated brands, mounted in quality flight cases for transport and cabled as ‘plug and play’.
Offering equipment in preconfigured packages allows us to maintain affordable prices for top end equipment, and improve ease-of-use.
Renting your sound, light or video equipment at Blackjack Productions is easy, affordable and without any compromise in quality.

Contact us now for pricings or advice from our knowledgeable staff!

Our sound and light equipment...

Blackjack Productions offers a great rental inventory of sound and light equipment for musicians, concert promotors and event organisers. Starting from a modest vocalist set up featuring a single -eventually wireless- vocal mic to a full blown PA rig for your show or festival, including lightshow, light effects, smoke and LED panels.
Our smallest P.A. Kits consist of a set of self powered speakers on stands, a 4 or 6-input mixing desk and an optionnally wireless microphone, while the bigger PA kits feature powerful 3-way speakers with subwoofers, a choice of analogue or digital mixing boards, complete microphone set and FX and insert racks.
Lighting sets start -for the modest events- with LED fourbars on stands, easy to set up and use, featuring an ‘auto-pilot’ mode. According to budget, you can add smoke machines, moving lights, various effects and LED panels at will.

Contact us now for pricings or advice from our knowledgeable staff!

Blackjack Productions

We are your partner for the rental of sound and light for an event, live concert or party, rent a beamer and projection screen for a conference or presentation or all audio visual equipment for your event, business party, product lauch,  wedding, block party,… you name it, we nail it!

Easy Rental solutions for your event, party or live concert!

Rentals and Sales of sound, light and DJ gear at razor-sharp and clear prices!

Easy Setup : DJ kits and P.A. systems in user friendly ‘plug and play’ packages

Party with the pros, rent the best sound and light equipment at the best prices in Brussels!

DJ Kits - P.A. - LED - Audio - Video - Lights - Discobar - Headset microphone - Plasma

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