An introduction to quality event streaming

Now that all public events are suspended, streaming becomes an important tool to still be able to reach your audience. At conferences and business meetings, the benefits have been clear for a long time. But for concerts and performances streaming is still an underdog. With right and reason of course, nothing can ever tip to the thrill of live performance, but in these times it becomes a necessity. Because we have been working on event streaming for a while now anyway, we are well placed to get you started quickly and efficiently. An introduction :

Camera voor streaming op concert event
Stream uw event met professionele apparatuur

How difficult is streaming?

In the end, we all stream sometimes. With YouTube, vlogs or Facebook Live, we use the host’s technology to put our videos online, interactively and in real-time. We don’t have to do anything about this, it’s easy. Professional streaming is really nothing else, only we provide the technology ourselves. And instead of depending on the quality of our smartphone camera and microphone, and instead of sharing the server and bandwidth with millions of others, we now take matters into our own hands.

First and foremost because of quality, of course. If we want to present our event well, we can’t have an image that is pixelated, out of focus or frozen. The sound must be clear, balanced and not overloaded. And you need to hear the concert or presentation, not the people standing next to you.

But also for the sake of control. Do we want to make our event public or private? Do we want to secure data? Maybe people should pay for access, or log in. Maybe we don’t want our event to stay on the internet after it’s over.

Technical settings on camera for event streaming
Technical settings on camera for event streaming

How technical is event streaming?

As stated before : instead of using the smartphone camera, we use multiple High Definition cameras so we can change point of view, zoom in on something specific and keep the broadcast interesting. Instead of the smartphone microphone, we put multiple microphones close to the sources we want to hear and make a professional mix. We can use our own dedicated server so we don’t have to share bandwidth with millions of other users and so we can encrypt our data.

Streaming setups from small to large :

Streaming setup block diagram
From smartphone to full live streaming setup

Live streaming a concert or event

For a live streaming of a concert, performance, release party or any other event you can use your own YouTube, Facebook or other social media channel. If you want to receive payments, this is probably the best way because you will receive your money directly from the source. So first go to your favorite social media channel to see how they organize pay-per-view. But you can also use our Vimeo Pro account for impeccable top quality. And then we’ll manage everything for you.

Teleconferencing and Business Streaming

For tele-conferencing and business applications, all participants, who may be anywhere in the world, must use the same software. This can be installed on their own machine, or run online via a website with a login. GoToMeeting, Zoom or Skype-for-Business are a few examples. The first one is, from experience, our personal favourite 😉

Do I really need all this?

Well, if you make people pay to watch your live stream you really can’t afford that the image is even a bit unsharp or freezes, that the sound is blurry or that the server is timing out. When you discuss things with multiple parties in different countries, you want everyone to be clearly understandable and visible at all times. And you certainly don’t want your stream to be hacked!

Sometimes only the best is good enough, but other times you don’t have to go that far. Fortunately, we are well-placed give you perfect advice and usually we have a quick answer ready. And a good idea of the budget. Questions are free either way and a quote is always free of obligation.

At Blackjack Productions we also have a number of easy-rent sets ready to quickly stream your conference, business meeting, concert, event, performance, release party or whatever you’re organising in the right quality.

Call us, write us, let us know how we can get you streaming in no time.

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